IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-Z1-GB0-036 Multinational Communications Sovereign Multinational - Horn of Africa Digital Market Integration (HDMI) Project, Phase 1 6,150,000 Approved 13 Dec 2022
46002-P-SN-G00-004 Senegal Communications Sovereign Senegal - Digital Technology Park - Additional Financing 3,970,014 Approved 08 Dec 2022
46002-P-CV-GB0-004 Cape Verde Communications Sovereign Cabo Verde - Technology Park (CVTP) Phase II 11,068,331 Approved 02 Nov 2022
46002-P-Z1-GB0-035 Multinational Communications Sovereign Multinational - Upstream project for digital market development in Africa (UP4DMDA) – Phase 1 7,000,000 Approved 15 Sep 2022
46002-P-GQ-G00-002 Equatorial Guinea Communications Sovereign Equatorial Guinea - Feasibility study project for the support to the strengthening of the digital ecosystem (PARED) 450,000 Approved 17 May 2022
46002-P-Z1-GB0-037 Multinational Communications Sovereign Multinational - Assistance to the COMESA to conduct a market analysis on a regional cloud ecosystem - Phase I 415,533 Approved 14 Mar 2022
46002-P-Z1-G00-018 Multinational Communications Sovereign Multinational - Institutional Support for Digital Payments and e-Commerce Policies for Cross-Border Trade (IDECT) 1,145,197 Implementation 14 Dec 2021
46002-P-CD-GB0-003 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Communications Sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo - Project to support the preparation of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) component of the Central Africa Fiber Optic Corridor (CAB) 743,881 Implementation 06 Dec 2021
46002-P-LS-GB0-003 Lesotho Communications Sovereign Kingdom of Lesotho - eGovernment Infrastructure Phase II 10,180,000 Implementation 17 Oct 2019
46002-P-RW-G00-001 Rwanda Communications Sovereign Rwanda - Rwanda Innovation Fund 22,542,153 Implementation 07 Mar 2018
46002-P-Z1-GZ0-001 Multinational Communications Sovereign Multinational - Feasibility study for Gabon-ICT backbone project 636,018 Completion 29 Dec 2017
46002-P-CF-GB0-002 Central African Republic Communications Sovereign Central African Republic - Central Africa Fibre-Optic Backbone Project (CAB) – CAR Component 13,216,000 Implementation 15 Dec 2017
46002-P-TN-G00-003 Tunisia Communications Sovereign Tunisia - Support Project for the Implementation of the “Digital Tunisia 2020” National Strategic Plan 56,705,442 Implementation 08 Nov 2017
46002-P-Z1-GB0-024 Multinational Communications Sovereign Multinational - Trans-Sahara Optical Fibre Backbone Project 34,818,000 Implementation 09 Dec 2016
46002-P-Z1-GB0-030 Multinational Communications Sovereign Multinational - Lake Victoria Maritime Communications and Transport Project 10,210,000 Implementation 24 Oct 2016