IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-SZ-I00-001 Eswatini Social Sovereign Eswatini - Technical Assitance for Gender Policy Implementation 100,000 Approved 03 Feb 2023
46002-P-UG-IB0-008 Uganda Social Sovereign Uganda - Support to the National Sudan Ebola Virus Disease Preparedness and Response Plan 751,405 Approved 22 Dec 2022
46002-P-KE-IB0-002 Kenya Social Sovereign Kenya - East Africa’s Centres of Excellence For Skills and Tertiary Education In Biomedical Sciences – Phase I 14,000,000 Approved 16 Dec 2022
46002-P-SO-IA0-002 Somalia Social Sovereign Somalia - Skills for Employability, Inclusion and Productivity Project 5,370,000 Approved 08 Dec 2022
46002-P-Z1-IBE-029 Multinational Social Sovereign Multinational (Burkina-Faso, Niger and Mali) - ECOWAS Quality Health Infrastructure For Tackling Neglected Tropical Diseases 5,720,000 Implementation 08 Dec 2022
46002-P-TZ-I00-003 Tanzania, United Republic of Social Sovereign Tanzania - Skills Development for Youth Employability in the Blue Economy Project 35,000,000 Approved 26 Oct 2022
46002-P-BI-IE0-006 Burundi Social Sovereign Burundi - Agropastoral Entrepreneurship and Professional Development Project for Youth and Women in Burundi - (PEAPJF- Burundi) 15,400,000 Approved 06 Oct 2022
46002-P-MA-I00-012 Morocco Social Sovereign Morocco - Support Program for the Generalization of Social Coverage (PAGCS) 69,438,347 Approved 08 Jul 2022
46002-P-GH-I00-002 Ghana Social Sovereign Ghana - Post Covid-19 Skills Development and Productivity Enhancement Project (PSDPEP) 20,140,000 Approved 29 Jun 2022
46002-P-GQ-IAE-006 Equatorial Guinea Social Sovereign Equatorial Guinea - Feasibility Studies for the Human Capital Strengthening Support Project (HCSP) 425,000 Implementation 23 Dec 2021
46002-P-TD-I00-012 Chad Social Sovereign Chad - Microfinance Development Support Project for Women and Youth Entrepreneurship (PDMFIFJ) - Phase I 9,700,000 Approved 06 Dec 2021
46002-P-NE-I00-004 Niger Social Sovereign APPUI À L'ÉLABORATION D'UNE STRATÉGIE ET D'UN PLAN D'ACTION 1,000,000 Implementation 06 Dec 2021
46002-P-SS-I00-008 South Sudan Social Sovereign South Sudan - Youth Enterprise Development and Capacity Building Project 5,400,000 Implementation 03 Dec 2021
46002-P-LR-IB0-003 Liberia Social Sovereign Liberia - Results based management programme : monitoring and evaluation of health activities in Liberia 1,000,000 Implementation 29 Nov 2021
46002-P-SS-I00-009 South Sudan Social Sovereign South Sudan - Private sector development in a fragile context - Capacity Building and access to finance youth and women 1,500,000 Implementation 23 Nov 2021