IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-GA-IBD-002 Gabon Social Sovereign Gabon - Projet d’appui pour une étude sur le renforcement des capacités de la Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie et de Garantie Sociale (CNAMGS) 498,724 Completion 15 Oct 2010
46002-P-GN-I00-004 Guinea Social Sovereign Guinea - Upper and Middle Guinea Sustainable Social Development Project - Phase II 5,000,000 Completion 09 Feb 2011
46002-P-Z1-IB0-014 Multinational Social Non Sovereign Multinational - Equity Investment in the Investment Fund for Health in Africa (IFHA) 514,016 Completion 22 Jul 2010
46002-P-NE-IAE-001 Niger Social Sovereign Niger - Vocational and Technical Education Development Support Project 25,500,000 Implementation 15 Dec 2010
46002-P-TN-IA0-002 Tunisia Social Sovereign MIC- étude Stratégique portant sur le développement des Industries Culturelles 271,493 Completion 22 Nov 2010
46002-P-SD-IBE-002 Sudan Social Sovereign Sudan - Emergency Assistance to Mitigate the Impacts of Floods on Schools in Khartoum State 651,856 Completion 17 Jun 2010
46002-G-SN-IA0-ZZZ-001 Senegal Social Sovereign Colloque sur les Collèges Communautaires à Dakar 80,279 Completion 04 Aug 2010
46002-G-TZ-ID0-ZZZ-001 Tanzania, United Republic of Social Sovereign Capacity Building Gender Statistics in Tanzania 42,721 Cancelled 04 Aug 2010
46002-P-KM-IB0-001 Comoros Social Sovereign Comoros - Emergency Humanitarian Assistance to Flood Victims 651,856 Completion 14 Sep 2009
46002-P-TZ-IE0-002 Tanzania, United Republic of Social Sovereign Tanzania - Small Entrepreneurs Loan Facility Project II (SELFII) 18,753,755 Completion 10 May 2010
46002-P-BW-IAZ-001 Botswana Social Sovereign Botswana - Support for Education Quality and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Project (SEQTVET) 600,000 Completion 19 Mar 2010
46002-P-ER-IAD-001 Eritrea Social Sovereign Eriteria - Support to Higher Education Development Project 12,900,000 Completion 28 Apr 2010
46002-P-UG-IE0-003 Uganda Social Sovereign Uganda- Rural Income and Employment Enhancement Project 9,724,653 Completion 17 Nov 2009
46002-P-ZW-IBE-003 Zimbabwe Social Sovereign Zimbabwe - Emergency Assistance to Support Efforts to Control and Avert Cholera Outbreaks 651,856 Completion 09 Mar 2010
46002-P-NA-IAD-001 Namibia Social Sovereign Namibia - The Development of a National Human Resource Plan for Economic Growth 600,000 Completion 09 Oct 2009