IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-CF-IZ0-003 Central African Republic Social Sovereign République Centrafricaine - Aide humanitaire d’urgence en faveur des populations victimes des inondations pluviales à Bangui 651,856 Completion 08 Oct 2009
46002-P-BF-IB0-001 Burkina Faso Social Sovereign Burkina Faso - Aide humanitaire d’urgence aux victimes des inondations 651,856 Completion 28 Sep 2009
46002-P-GQ-IBZ-001 Equatorial Guinea Social Sovereign Guinée Equatoriale - Projet d'appui à l'enquête démographique et de santé 322,873 Completion 07 Aug 2009
46002-P-Z1-IZ0-008 Multinational Social Sovereign Multinational - The Multi-Country Demobilization and Reintegration Transitional Support Program (MDRTSP) 14,000,000 Completion 25 Feb 2009
46002-P-BI-IE0-003 Burundi Social Sovereign Burundi - The Job Creation Programme Support Project 10,000,000 Completion 24 Jun 2009
46002-P-GW-IAD-001 Guinea-Bissau Social Sovereign Guinea Bissau - The Administrative Capacity Building Support Project 7,800,000 Completion 15 Jul 2009
46002-P-UG-IB0-005 Uganda Social Sovereign Uganda - Improvement of Health Services at Mulago National Referral Hospital and the City of Kampala - Project Preparation Facility 500,000 Completion 30 Apr 2009
46002-P-CF-IE0-001 Central African Republic Social Sovereign Central African Republic - The Project for Community Development and Support to Vulnerable Groups (PDCAGV) 6,300,000 Completion 22 Jul 2009
46002-P-LR-IZ0-003 Liberia Social Sovereign Liberia -The Emergency Assistance to support efforts to control and avert caterpillar infestations 651,856 Completion 22 May 2009
46002-P-Z1-IAD-004 Multinational Social Sovereign Multinational - The Support to a Network of African Institutions of Science and Technology Project 12,000,000 Completion 18 Mar 2009
46002-P-UG-IAC-001 Uganda Social Sovereign Uganda - The Post Primary Education and Training Expansion and Improvement Project (Education IV) 51,999,884 Completion 25 Nov 2008
46002-P-MA-IAZ-003 Morocco Social Sovereign Morocco - The National Education Emergency Support Programme 59,574,400 Completion 31 Mar 2009
46002-P-GQ-IBE-002 Equatorial Guinea Social Sovereign Equatorial Guinea - The Health System Development Support Project 10,739,117 Completion 29 Oct 2008
46002-P-GQ-IAE-001 Equatorial Guinea Social Sovereign Equatorial Guinea - The Training Programme for Middle and Senior Executives 10,668,035 Completion 11 Dec 2008
46002-P-Z1-IAZ-005 Multinational Social Sovereign Multinational - Grant to the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) 999,246 Completion 15 Dec 2008