IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-Z1-K00-095 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Emergency Humanitarian Relief Assistance Related to the 2019 Tropical Cyclone Idai for Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe 182,703 Implementation 12 Apr 2019
46002-P-Z1-KF0-059 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Institutional Support Project for the African Union: African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Implementation 3,500,000 Implementation 01 Apr 2019
46002-P-CF-K00-008 Central African Republic Multi-Sector Sovereign Central African Republic - Capacity Building Project for the Administration and Non-State Actors (PRECANE) 1,000,000 Implementation 27 Mar 2019
46002-P-MG-K00-014 Madagascar Multi-Sector Sovereign Madagascar - Support Project for Capacity Building for the Analysis of Structural Vulnerability Factors and the Promotion of the Blue Economy (ARCEB) 1,000,000 Implementation 25 Mar 2019
46002-P-SO-K00-002 Somalia Multi-Sector Sovereign Somalia - Strengthening Institution for Economic Policy Management and Infrastructure Development Project (SIEPMID) 3,000,000 Implementation 25 Mar 2019
46002-P-Z1-K00-092 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Study into the contribution of the Jewelry Manufacturing and its Impact on Value Addition, Job Creation, and the Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth 1,000,000 Implementation 25 Mar 2019
46002-P-MA-K00-014 Morocco Multi-Sector Sovereign Morocco - Industrialization Acceleration Support Programme in Morocco – Phase II (PAAIM II) 222,218,537 Implementation 14 Mar 2019
46002-P-SL-KA0-016 Sierra Leone Multi-Sector Sovereign Sierra Leone - Fiscal consolidation support programme (FCSP) 15,000,000 Completion 14 Mar 2019
46002-P-Z1-KF0-060 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Support ton Investment Promotion Agencies in Transition Countries Pilot Project: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gambia 2,309,278 Implementation 28 Feb 2019
46002-P-BI-KF0-007 Burundi Multi-Sector Sovereign Burundi - Capacity Building Support Project for the Burundian Revenue Office - (PARC-OBR) 1,000,000 Implementation 02 Jan 2019
46002-P-DZ-KF0-003 Algeria Multi-Sector Sovereign Algeria - Governance of Public Enterprises and State Holdings Support Project 796,400 Implementation 18 Dec 2018
46002-P-NG-KA0-004 Nigeria Multi-Sector Sovereign Nigeria - African Trade Insurance (ATI) - Country Membership Programme 10,210,000 Implementation 14 Dec 2018
46002-P-MA-K00-016 Morocco Multi-Sector Sovereign Maroc - Projet d’appui au renforcement des capacités de la Commission Nationale de la Commande Publique (PARC-CNCP) 410,000 Implementation 12 Dec 2018
46002-P-CI-KF0-003 Cote d'Ivoire Multi-Sector Sovereign Côte d'Ivoire - Cocoa Sector Governance Support Project (PAGFIC) 5,000,000 Implementation 11 Dec 2018
46002-P-GH-KF0-003 Ghana Multi-Sector Sovereign Ghana - Cocoa Sector Institutional Support Project (COSISP) 5,000,000 Implementation 11 Dec 2018