IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-CV-K00-007 Cape Verde Multi-Sector Sovereign Cape Verde - Additional Budget Support Loan for the Poverty Reduction Strategy Support Programme II (PRSSP-II) Second tranche 9,256,612 Completion 28 Oct 2009
46002-P-RW-KF0-004 Rwanda Multi-Sector Sovereign Rwanda - The Support to Policy and Strategy Development Project (SPSD) 1,000,000 Completion 18 Sep 2009
46002-P-SC-KA0-001 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign Seychelles - The Economic Governance Reforms Programme 11,526,580 Completion 20 Jul 2009
46002-P-KM-KA0-001 Comoros Multi-Sector Sovereign Comoros - The Economic Reform Support and Financial Governance Programme (PAREGF) 2,000,000 Completion 15 Jul 2009
46002-P-KM-KF0-001 Comoros Multi-Sector Sovereign Comoros - The Institutional Capacity Building Project (ICBP) 5,057,240 Completion 15 Jul 2009
46002-P-BW-K00-001 Botswana Multi-Sector Sovereign Botswana - The Economic Diversification Support Programme 1,152,658,029 Completion 02 Jun 2009
46002-P-Z1-KB0-005 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - African Training and Management Services Project phase IV 651,856 Completion 28 May 2009
46002-P-LR-K00-011 Liberia Multi-Sector Sovereign Liberia - The Public Financial Management Reform Support Programme (PFMRSP-I) - (Additional Grant) 3,386,000 Completion 27 May 2009
46002-P-CD-K00-005 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Multi-Sector Sovereign DRC - Emergency Programme to Mitigate the Impacts of the Financial Crisis 65,000,000 Completion 06 May 2009
46002-P-RW-K00-008 Rwanda Multi-Sector Sovereign Rwanda - The Poverty Reduction Strategy Support Program III (PRSP III) 30,300,000 Completion 06 May 2009
46002-P-SL-KA0-010 Sierra Leone Multi-Sector Sovereign Sierra Leone - The Economic Governance Reform Programme I (EGRP I) 10,000,000 Completion 06 May 2009
46002-P-Z1-K00-027 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Projet d'Appui Institutionnel au Secrétariat Général de l'Union du Maghreb Arabe (UMA) 500,000 Completion 30 Apr 2009
46002-P-BJ-KA0-009 Benin Multi-Sector Sovereign Benin - The Third Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Support Program (GPRSSP-III) 22,000,000 Completion 29 Apr 2009
46002-P-TN-KA0-003 Tunisia Multi-Sector Sovereign Tunisia - The Integration support programme 189,973,935 Completion 16 Apr 2009
46002-P-EG-KB0-001 Egypt Multi-Sector Sovereign Franchising Sector Support Programme - Technical Assistance Fapa 619,263 Completion 13 Apr 2009