IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-Z1-DB0-238 Multinational Transport Sovereign CHAD - Trans-Saharan Highway Project (TSH) - (Supplementary Grant) 12,220,000 Approved 22 Oct 2021
46002-P-Z1-AAF-015 Multinational Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign MULTINATIONAL - Programme for Improving Fisheries Governance and Blue Economy Trade Corridors in SADC Region 6,400,000 Approved 20 Oct 2021
46002-P-Z1-KF0-067 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign MULTINATIONAL - Macroeconomic Stability and Financial Integration Project in Southern Africa Development Community 5,000,000 Approved 18 Oct 2021
46002-P-Z1-F00-126 Multinational Power Sovereign Multinational - Establishment of a Regional Project Acceleration Unit in Central African Power Pool (CAPP) 2,170,000 Approved 06 Oct 2021
46002-P-Z1-FA0-181 Multinational Power Sovereign MULTINATIONAL - SADC: Regional Harmonization of Regulatory Frameworks and Tools for Improved Electricity Regulation in SADC 714,000 Approved 15 Jul 2021
46002-P-Z1-F00-130 Multinational Power Sovereign MULTINATIONAL - Desert to Power Initiative West Africa Regional Energy Program – Phase I 1,390,000 Approved 01 Jul 2021
46002-P-Z1-BB0-005 Multinational Industry, Minning & Quarrying Non Sovereign Multinational - "Société Internationale de Plantations d'Hévéas (SIPH)" 12,409,924 Approved 10 Mar 2021
46002-P-Z1-BB0-007 Multinational Industry, Minning & Quarrying Non Sovereign Multinational - "Société Internationale de Plantations d'Hévéas (SIPH) – Tranche B" 12,409,924 Approved 10 Mar 2021
46002-P-Z1-H00-070 Multinational Finance Sovereign Multinational - Project to Support the Central African Unified Financial Market 690,591 Approved 27 Dec 2020
46002-P-Z1-B00-020 Multinational Industry, Minning & Quarrying Sovereign Guinea Bissau - Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) through Climate Smart Actions 500,000 Approved 28 Aug 2020
46002-P-Z1-IBE-024 Multinational Social Sovereign Multinational - Exceptional Project to support ECOWAS Low Income Members Countries and Strengthening the Health Systems of the Gambia, Mali and Niger to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic - Gambia Component 2,500,000 Approved 22 May 2020
46002-P-Z1-H00-057 Multinational Finance Non Sovereign Multinational - WAEMU Regional Mortgage Refinancing Company (CRRH) 7,978,171 Approved 18 Mar 2020
46002-P-Z1-FA0-139 Multinational Power Sovereign Multinational – 225 KV Côte d'Ivoire - Liberia Interconnection Reinforcement Project 1,306,991 Approved 09 Aug 2019
46002-P-Z1-FA0-172 Multinational Power Sovereign Multinational - 330 KV Ghana – Burkina – Mali Interconnection Project Study 426,822 Approved 01 Aug 2019
46002-P-Z1-HAA-092 Multinational Finance Non Sovereign Multinational - COMESA Regional Trade and Project Finance Support Facility - Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB) 36,586,882 Approved 17 Jul 2019