IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-EG-HA0-001 Egypt Finance Sovereign Egypt - Nasser Social Bank Restructuring Project - Phase I 396,571 Implementation 11 Oct 2016
46002-P-EG-H00-002 Egypt Finance Sovereign Egypt - Modernization of the Egyptian Central Bank Clearing and Settlement Depository System for Government Securities Project 891,595 Completion 10 Jul 2015
46002-G-EG-BG0-ZZZ-001 Egypt Industry, Minning & Quarrying Sovereign Green Growth: Industrial Waste Management and SME Entrepreneurship Hub in Egypt 1,406,408 Implementation 20 Feb 2013
46002-P-EG-KB0-001 Egypt Multi-Sector Sovereign Franchising Sector Support Programme - Technical Assistance Fapa 619,263 Completion 13 Apr 2009
46002-P-EG-HAB-005 Egypt Finance Sovereign Institutionnal Support to National Bank of Egypt (Mic) 300,000 Completion 31 Mar 2007
46002-P-EG-HZ0-001 Egypt Finance Sovereign Egypt - Financial Sector Reform Programme (FRSP-1) 364,091,809 Completion 26 Jul 2006
46002-P-EG-HAB-010 Egypt Finance Sovereign Sme Support Project - Second Line of Credit to National Bank of Egypt (2nd LOC Nbe) 146,162,503 Completion 12 Oct 2005
46002-P-EG-HAA-009 Egypt Finance Non-Sovereign Line of Credit to Edbe 41,718,815 Completion 23 Oct 2002
46002-P-EG-HAB-003 Egypt Finance Non-Sovereign Line of Credit to Nbe 103,180,159 Completion 23 Oct 2002
46002-P-EG-HAB-002 Egypt Finance Non Sovereign Egypt - Line of Credit to the Suez Canal Bank of Egypt 45,629,954 Completion 18 Oct 2001
46002-P-EG-BC0-001 Egypt Industry, Minning & Quarrying Non Sovereign Egypt - Windsor Garden City Hotel, Hurghada 10,102,978 Completion 21 May 1997
46002-P-EG-BZ0-001 Egypt Industry, Minning & Quarrying Sovereign Institutionnel Support to The Egyptian Organization for Standards and Quality (EOS) and to the National Institute of Standards (NIS) 1,541,775 Completion 25 May 1992
46002-P-EG-HAA-005 Egypt Finance Non-Sovereign Dib Fourth Line of Credit 40,800,461 Completion 12 Dec 1984
46002-P-EG-HAA-004 Egypt Finance Non-Sovereign Line of Credit III to Dib (ADB) 10,001,799 Completion 24 Nov 1981
46002-P-EG-HAA-001 Egypt Finance Non-Sovereign Ligne de Crédit II 9,877,125 Completion 25 Apr 1980