IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-MZ-KB0-001 Mozambique Multi-Sector Sovereign Mozambique - Nacala Corridor Business Linkages Technical Assistance Project 735,624 Implementation 14 Jun 2017
46002-P-MZ-HAB-001 Mozambique Finance Non Sovereign Mozambique - Moza Banco S.A. (under the Africa SME Program) 12,789,307 Implementation 11 Apr 2014
46002-P-MZ-HZ0-001 Mozambique Finance Sovereign Financial Sector Technical Assistance Project (Fstap) 6,800,000 Completion 04 Oct 2005
46002-P-MZ-HAA-001 Mozambique Finance Non-Sovereign Line of Credit to Support Small and Medium Enterprises 3,487,972 Completion 16 Jan 2002
46002-P-MZ-BA0-001 Mozambique Industry, Minning & Quarrying Sovereign Mozambique - Mineral Resources Management Capacity Building Project 2,611,588 Completion 03 Sep 2001
46002-P-MZ-HA0-002 Mozambique Finance Sovereign C. Facility for Small Enterprises Study 163,552 Completion 10 Jul 1993
46002-P-MZ-HA0-001 Mozambique Finance Sovereign Mozambique - Institutional Support Project to Banco Poprrlar de Desenvolvimento (BPD) 2,148,936 Completion 30 Oct 1991
46002-P-MZ-HA0-003 Mozambique Finance Sovereign B.P.D Institutional Support (Grant) 135,381 Completion 20 Sep 1988
46002-P-MZ-HAB-004 Mozambique Finance Non Sovereign Mozambique - Line of Credit to "Banco Comercial E De Investimentos S.A. (BCI)" 21,952,129 Approved