Total Commitment

U.A 1,468,946,089

Total number of Projects from 1967
IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-BW-HB0-004 Botswana Finance Sovereign Botswana - Middle Income Countries Technical Assistance Grant to Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) 223,843 Implementation 06 Dec 2016
46002-P-BW-AAC-004 Botswana Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Botswana - Botswana Wastewater Reuse and Water Harvesting For Irrigation Study 600,000 Completion 04 Oct 2011
46002-P-BW-K00-002 Botswana Multi-Sector Sovereign Statistical Capacity Building Programme - Phase II (Scb II) 490,600 Completion 07 Jul 2011
46002-P-BW-KA0-004 Botswana Multi-Sector Sovereign Botswana - Grant from Middle Income Country Technical Assistance Fund to assist the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA) in implementing a Risk Based Regulatory Framework 600,000 Completion 22 Sep 2010
46002-P-BW-KA0-003 Botswana Multi-Sector Sovereign Botswana - Public Enterprise Evaluation and Privatization Agency (PEEPA) 600,000 Completion 14 Oct 2010
46002-P-BW-KZ0-003 Botswana Multi-Sector Sovereign Botswana - Mining and Diversifiaction Study 275,047 Completion 08 Jun 2010
46002-P-BW-FA0-001 Botswana Power Sovereign Botswana - The Morupule B Power Project 33,754,911 Completion 28 Oct 2009
46002-P-BW-FF0-001 Botswana Power Sovereign Botswana - Feasibility Study for a 200 Megawatts Concentrating Solar Power Plant 600,000 Completion 03 Nov 2009
46002-P-BW-IAZ-001 Botswana Social Sovereign Botswana - Support for Education Quality and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Project (SEQTVET) 600,000 Completion 19 Mar 2010
46002-P-BW-K00-001 Botswana Multi-Sector Sovereign Botswana - The Economic Diversification Support Programme 1,096,218,776 Completion 02 Jun 2009
46002-P-BW-AAC-001 Botswana Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Botswana - The Pandamatenga Agricultural Infrastructure Development Project 43,511,987 Completion 09 Sep 2008
46002-P-BW-KZ0-002 Botswana Multi-Sector Sovereign Institutionnal Strengthnening Local Authorities for Effective Service Delivery 283,594 Completion 30 Jan 2008
46002-P-BW-AAZ-001 Botswana Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign MIC Fund - Agriculture Sector Review 302,476 Completion 16 Feb 2007
46002-P-BW-KA0-001 Botswana Multi-Sector Sovereign Support for Fast Tracking The Implementation of Vision 2016 245,653 Completion 01 Mar 2007
46002-P-BW-AAC-002 Botswana Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Awf-Preparation of Improved Water Control and Management System for Pandamatenga Area 765,885 Completion 18 Jun 2007