Total Commitment

U.A 4,963,853,526

IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-EG-AAC-007 Egypt Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Egypt - A study relating to The rehabilitation of Zefta Barrage or the construction of a new barrage to replace the current structure 598,840 Completion 15 Jun 2009
46002-P-EG-GC0-001 Egypt Communications Sovereign Egypt - The Launching of a Geostationary Satellite Project - NAVISAT 600,000 Completion 20 May 2009
46002-P-EG-KB0-001 Egypt Multi-Sector Sovereign Franchising Sector Support Programme - Technical Assistance Fapa 619,263 Completion 13 Apr 2009
46002-P-EG-K00-003 Egypt Multi-Sector Sovereign Egypt - The Franchising Sector Support Programme 21,082,216 Completion 25 Feb 2009
46002-P-EG-FAA-014 Egypt Power Sovereign Egypt - The Ain Sokhna Thermal Power Project 287,996,021 Completion 22 Dec 2008
46002-P-EG-FAA-013 Egypt Power Sovereign Abu Qir 1300 Mw Steam Power Project 189,563,084 Completion 14 Nov 2007
46002-P-EG-AAC-003 Egypt Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Comprehensive Study and Project Preparation for The Nubaria and Ismailia Canals 1,612,651 Completion 18 Oct 2007
46002-P-EG-HAB-005 Egypt Finance Sovereign Institutionnal Support to National Bank of Egypt (Mic) 300,000 Completion 31 Mar 2007
46002-P-EG-AZ0-004 Egypt Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Emergency Assistance Avian Infuenza 325,928 Completion 20 Nov 2006
46002-P-EG-IE0-002 Egypt Social Sovereign Egypt - Micro and Small Enterprise Support Project 62,812,672 Completion 11 Oct 2006
46002-P-EG-HZ0-001 Egypt Finance Sovereign Egypt - Financial Sector Reform Programme (FRSP-1) 356,928,699 Completion 26 Jul 2006
46002-P-EG-HAB-010 Egypt Finance Sovereign Sme Support Project - Second Line of Credit to National Bank of Egypt (2nd LOC Nbe) 146,162,503 Completion 12 Oct 2005
46002-P-EG-FAA-012 Egypt Power Sovereign El Kureimat Cc Power Plant Project 141,045,526 Completion 27 Jul 2005
46002-P-EG-AZ0-003 Egypt Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Emergency Assistance for Locust Control 325,928 Completion 02 Feb 2005
46002-P-EG-HAA-009 Egypt Finance Non Sovereign Line of Credit to Edbe 41,718,815 Completion 23 Oct 2002