Total Commitment

U.A 1,703,373,409

IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-MZ-AZ0-001 Mozambique Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Women's Entrepreneurship and Skills Development for Food Security - Pilot Project 2,510,000 Completion 25 Jan 2006
46002-P-MZ-AA0-026 Mozambique Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Mozambique - Massingir Dam and Smallholder Agricultural Rehabilitation Project Supplementary Loan 16,847,673 Completion 02 Mar 2007
46002-P-MZ-E00-005 Mozambique Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign National Rural Water and Sanitation Progam Awf Funding 427,654 Completion 21 Dec 2006
46002-P-MZ-DB0-007 Mozambique Transport Sovereign Mozambique - Montepuez-Lichinga Road Project 51,986,274 Completion 27 Oct 2006
46002-P-MZ-K00-004 Mozambique Multi-Sector Sovereign Mozambique - Poverty Reduction Support Loan (PRSL I) 60,000,000 Completion 27 Oct 2006
46002-P-MZ-FA0-006 Mozambique Power Sovereign Electricity IV Project 24,510,347 Completion 07 Sep 2006
46002-P-MZ-AZ0-002 Mozambique Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Humanitarian Emergency Assistance to The 2005 Drought Victims 325,928 Completion 02 Dec 2005
46002-P-MZ-HZ0-001 Mozambique Finance Sovereign Financial Sector Technical Assistance Project (Fstap) 6,800,000 Completion 04 Oct 2005
46002-P-MZ-K00-005 Mozambique Multi-Sector Sovereign Mozambique - Institutionnal Support for Public Sector Reform 1,865,750 Completion 22 Jun 2005
46002-P-MZ-IE0-004 Mozambique Social Sovereign Grassroots Community Cap. Building (PPF) 249,403 Completion 16 Jun 2005
46002-P-MZ-K00-002 Mozambique Multi-Sector Sovereign Second Program of Economic Reform and Good Governance 29,965,532 Completion 01 Dec 2004
46002-P-MZ-FA0-005 Mozambique Power Sovereign Energy Reform and Access Program (Erap) 9,855,885 Completion 05 Nov 2003
46002-P-MZ-AA0-015 Mozambique Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Mozambique - Rural Finance Intermediation Support Project 15,360,000 Completion 12 Nov 2003
46002-P-MZ-E00-003 Mozambique Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Mozambique - Urban Water Supply Sanitation and Institutional Support Project 19,452,553 Completion 20 Dec 2002
46002-P-MZ-HAA-001 Mozambique Finance Non-Sovereign Line of Credit to Support Small and Medium Enterprises 3,487,972 Completion 16 Jan 2002