Total Commitment

U.A 1,089,083,343

IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-NE-E00-005 Niger Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Niger - Project to support Resilient Drinking Water and Sanitation Services in Rural Areas in Maradi, Tahoua, Tillaberi and Zinder Regions (PASEPAR-MR) 5,787,154 Approved 16 Dec 2022
46002-P-NE-FA0-005 Niger Power Sovereign Niger - Desert to Power Initiative - Project for the Development of Solar Power Plants and Improvement of Access to Electricity (RANAA) 99,160,000 Approved 01 Dec 2022
46002-P-NE-H00-001 Niger Finance Sovereign Niger - Financial Sector Deepening and Financial Inclusion Project in Niger (PASFIF) 12,400,000 Approved 24 Nov 2022
46002-P-NE-A00-012 Niger Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Niger – Food Crisis Response and Emergency Support Programme 4,000,000 Approved 15 Jul 2022
46002-P-NE-DB0-013 Niger Transport Sovereign Niger - Integrated Project for Opening Up the Hamdara-WachaDungass- Nigeria Border Cross-Border Production Areas (PIDZT) 90,000,000 Implementation 16 Mar 2022
46002-P-NE-I00-004 Niger Social Sovereign APPUI À L'ÉLABORATION D'UNE STRATÉGIE ET D'UN PLAN D'ACTION 1,000,000 Implementation 06 Dec 2021
46002-P-NE-A00-011 Niger Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Niger - Emergency humanitarian assistance for flood-affected populations 349,993 Implementation 17 Dec 2020
46002-P-NE-IA0-007 Niger Social Sovereign Niger - Vocational and Technical Education Development Support Project (PADEFPT) - supplementary loan 4,640,000 Implementation 17 Nov 2020
46002-P-NE-A00-009 Niger Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Niger - Project to Strengthen Resilience of Rural Communities to Food and Nutrition Insecurity in Niger (PRECIS) 25,859,000 Implementation 30 Oct 2020
46002-P-NE-A00-008 Niger Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Niger - Africa Disaster Risks Financing Programme (ADRiFi) 4,000,000 Implementation 23 Sep 2020
46002-P-NE-KA0-015 Niger Multi-Sector Sovereign Niger - COVID-19 Support Programme in G5 Sahel Countries - Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad (PARC COVID-19 - G5 Sahel) 80,000,000 Completion 22 Jul 2020
46002-P-NE-DB0-011 Niger Transport Sovereign Niger - Tamaske-Tahoua and Tamaske-Mararraba Roads Development Project 29,460,000 Implementation 05 Nov 2019
46002-P-NE-K00-014 Niger Multi-Sector Sovereign Niger - Economic Competitiveness and Financial Management Support Project (PACEGEF) 9,210,000 Implementation 03 Sep 2019
46002-P-NE-AA0-020 Niger Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Niger - Kandadji Ecosystems Regeneration and Niger Valley Development Programme Support Project (PA_KRESMIN) 92,000,000 Implementation 22 May 2019
46002-P-NE-KA0-013 Niger Multi-Sector Sovereign Niger - Support to reforms and Economic Resilience Programme - Phase 2 20,000,000 Completion 27 Nov 2018