Total Commitment

U.A 5,514,911,537

IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-NG-AA0-025 Nigeria Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Nigeria - Community Based Agriculture and Rural Development Project 12,751,449 Completion 11 Sep 2003
46002-P-NG-FD0-001 Nigeria Power Non Sovereign Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas 65,185,648 Completion 20 Nov 2002
46002-P-NG-IB0-006 Nigeria Social Sovereign Nigeria - Health Systems Developement Project (Health IV) 32,451,447 Completion 11 Sep 2002
46002-P-NG-HAB-002 Nigeria Finance Non Sovereign Line of Credit to Fedelity Bank (Former Fsb) 11,733,416 Completion 18 Oct 2001
46002-P-NG-K00-002 Nigeria Multi-Sector Sovereign Institutional Support Project for Governance, Capacity Building and Poverty Reduction 3,815,260 Completion 18 Oct 2001
46002-P-NG-HA0-001 Nigeria Finance Non Sovereign Nigeria - Line of Credit to United Bank for Africa Plc 19,555,694 Completion 20 Dec 2000
46002-P-NG-IE0-001 Nigeria Social Sovereign Nigeria - Community-Based Poverty Reduction Project (CPRP) 19,158,335 Completion 03 Nov 2000
46002-P-NG-KB0-001 Nigeria Multi-Sector Non Sovereign Invest.Proposal Abuja Inter.Diagnos.Cen. 1,955,569 Completion 30 Oct 1996
46002-P-NG-AA0-011 Nigeria Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Forest Resources Study 2,716,877 Completion 21 Oct 1993
46002-P-NG-B00-011 Nigeria Industry, Minning & Quarrying Non Sovereign Loan to Conoil Development of Bella Oil Field 5,638,558 Completion 16 Sep 1993
46002-P-NG-BB0-001 Nigeria Industry, Minning & Quarrying Non Sovereign Spintex Mills Ltd 3,079,279 Completion 30 Oct 1992
46002-P-NG-IB0-001 Nigeria Social Sovereign Nigeria - Multi-State Health Services Rehabilitation Project I 48,174,350 Completion 29 Oct 1992
46002-P-NG-EA0-007 Nigeria Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Nigeria - First Multi State Water Supply Project 129,030,911 Completion 02 Oct 1992
46002-P-NG-AA0-009 Nigeria Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Institutional Support to the Nigerian Agricultural and Cooperative Bank (NACB) 3,083,907 Completion 21 Apr 1992
46002-P-NG-A00-001 Nigeria Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Agro-Climat.&Ecological Zones Study For 781,891 Completion 23 Mar 1992