Total Commitment

U.A 160,220,983

IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-SC-F00-003 Seychelles Power Sovereign Seychelles - Study for the Development of an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for the Seychelles Power Sector 213,636 Implementation 22 Dec 2021
46002-P-SC-K00-022 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign SEYCHELLES - Governance and Economic Reforms Support Program (GERSP) 14,818,107 Implementation 07 Jul 2021
46002-P-SC-K00-021 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign Seychelles - Aid Management Information System Project 254,545 Implementation 15 Dec 2020
46002-P-SC-K00-015 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign Seychelles - COVID-19 Crisis Response Budget Support Program 7,409,053 Completion 22 Jun 2020
46002-P-SC-K00-016 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign Seychelles - Support to blue economy MSMEs (Technical Assistance) 604,412 Implementation 12 Sep 2019
46002-P-SC-K00-005 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign Seychelles - Inclusive Private Sector Development and Competitiveness Programme – Phase II 7,514,446 Completion 23 Sep 2015
46002-P-SC-H00-002 Seychelles Finance Sovereign Seychelles- Strengthening the Financial Market 503,416 Completion 08 Jul 2015
46002-P-SC-EA0-004 Seychelles Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Seychelles - Mahe Sustainable Water Augmentation Project 16,763,614 Implementation 01 Apr 2015
46002-P-SC-EA0-005 Seychelles Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Seychelles - Integrated and Comprehensive Sanitation Master Plan 889,410 Completion 22 Dec 2014
46002-P-SC-K00-007 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign Seychelles - Technical Assistance for development of public/private partnership legal, regulatory and operational framework 372,739 Completion 14 Nov 2014
46002-P-SC-GB0-003 Seychelles Communications Sovereign Seychelles – Development of Quality of Service Standards and Regulations for the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Sector in Seychelles and provide capacity building for the regulatory staff of the Department of Information Communications Technology 102,000 Completion 03 Nov 2014
46002-P-SC-KB0-001 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign Seychelles - Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) development project 726,902 Completion 03 Jun 2014
46002-P-SC-IAD-003 Seychelles Social Sovereign Seychelles - Support for the human resources development strategy and social impact assessment framework 502,415 Completion 15 Apr 2014
46002-P-SC-K00-004 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign Seychelles - Inclusive Private Sector Development and Competitiveness Programme 14,877,631 Completion 03 Dec 2013
46002-P-SC-K00-006 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign Seychelles - Emergency Assistance to Address Damages and Losses Caused by the January 2013 Cyclone Felleng 649,350 Completion 24 Jun 2013