Total Commitment

U.A 6,777,175,016

IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-TN-K00-007 Tunisia Multi-Sector Sovereign Tunisia - Support project for the operationalization of the action plan of the public procurement reform 530,100 Completion 27 Dec 2013
46002-P-TN-A00-007 Tunisia Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Tunisia - Preparatory Studies for the 500 Km Agricultural Trails Project 787,000 Completion 18 Dec 2013
46002-G-TN-KA0-ZZZ-001 Tunisia Multi-Sector Sovereign Tunisia - Enhancing domestic resource mobilization through effective tax system design and improved transparency and international cooperation 325,017 Cancelled 04 Dec 2013
46002-P-TN-D00-002 Tunisia Transport Sovereign Tunisia – Road Safety Strategy Study 1,000,000 Cancelled 30 Sep 2013
46002-P-TN-HAA-038 Tunisia Finance Sovereign Tunisia - BFPME: Boosting Private Sector Development Through Small and Medium Enterprise Creation and Expansion 555,247 Completion 05 Aug 2013
46002-G-TN-IZ0-ZZZ-001 Tunisia Social Sovereign Tunisie - Mouvement holistique d'entreprise sociale de Tunisie Completion 24 Jun 2013
46002-P-TN-KE0-002 Tunisia Multi-Sector Sovereign Tunisia - Operationalising Public Private Partnerships In Tunisia 789,000 Completion 14 Jun 2013
46002-G-TN-I00-STY-002 Tunisia Social Sovereign Tunisia - Evaluation of the performance of the social assistance system in Tunisia and the challenges of informality Completion 04 Apr 2013
46002-G-TN-K00-SUP-001 Tunisia Multi-Sector Sovereign Tunisia - Support for Improved Implementation of AfDB Projects Completion 04 Apr 2013
46002-G-TN-K00-ZZZ-002 Tunisia Multi-Sector Sovereign Operationalizing Public Private Partnership in Tunisia 1,014,934 Implementation 20 Feb 2013
46002-G-TN-K00-TRN-001 Tunisia Multi-Sector Sovereign Tunisia - Leading the Way Program: Pilot project for developing leadership capacity to support Tunisia’s transition (Phase I.1) 1,025 Cancelled 20 Feb 2013
46002-P-TN-AA0-011 Tunisia Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Tunisia - Gafsa North Integrated Agricultural Development Project (PDAI) 17,650,908 Implementation 13 Feb 2013
46002-P-TN-G00-001 Tunisia Communications Sovereign Tunisia - Project to support the implementation of e-government and open government in Tunisia 467,711 Cancelled 20 Dec 2012
46002-G-TN-BZ0-ZZZ-001 Tunisia Industry, Minning & Quarrying Sovereign Tunisia - Souk At-Tanmia  Completion 17 Dec 2012
46002-G-TN-BZ0-ZZZ-002 Tunisia Industry, Minning & Quarrying Sovereign Tunisia - Implementation of employment promotion programmes in Tunisia Completion 17 Dec 2012