IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-Z1-DB0-008 Multinational Transport Sovereign Multinational - Etude de faisabilité pour la construction de la route Dori-Tera 1,081,591 Completion 17 Jun 1980
46002-P-GH-AA0-012 Ghana Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Line of Credit (I) 7,364,842 Completion 21 May 1980
46002-P-ET-DB0-002 Ethiopia Transport Sovereign Rural Roads (BALE and SIDAMO regions) 7,114,729 Completion 24 Apr 1980
46002-P-GM-EBC-001 Gambia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Banjul Sewerage and Drainage 7,101,797 Completion 24 Apr 1980
46002-P-MW-IA0-001 Malawi Social Sovereign Primary and Tertiary education Project (ADF) 7,315,309 Completion 24 Apr 1980
46002-P-SN-EA0-003 Senegal Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Etudes sur le stockage des eaux de ruissellement 938,356 Completion 24 Apr 1980
46002-P-ML-AB0-002 Mali Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Mali - Selingué Rural Development Project 10,131,571 Completion 27 Mar 1980
46002-P-MU-DB0-002 Mauritius Transport Sovereign Emergency cyclone loan for Bridges and Roads 3,404,835 Completion 27 Mar 1980
46002-P-ZM-AAG-001 Zambia Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Nakambala Smallholder Sugar II Project 7,367,548 Completion 27 Mar 1980
46002-P-LS-DB0-006 Lesotho Transport Sovereign Joel-Drift-Khamana Road Construction 5,618,417 Completion 29 Feb 1980
46002-P-SD-AAC-001 Sudan Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Sudan - New Halfa Irrigation 7,541,522 Completion 29 Feb 1980
46002-P-KM-AAF-002 Comoros Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Projet de développement de la Pêche Artisanale 3,006,835 Completion 20 Dec 1979
46002-P-BI-A00-001 Burundi Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Burundi - Projet de Développement Rural de l'est Mpanda 16,231,872 Completion 29 Nov 1979
46002-P-ET-EA0-003 Ethiopia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Assab Water Supply Project 6,132,169 Completion 29 Nov 1979
46002-P-GM-B00-001 Gambia Industry, Minning & Quarrying Sovereign Gambia - Modernization of the Groundnut Processing Industry Project (Phase I) 3,454,431 Completion 29 Nov 1979