IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-SN-DB0-023 Senegal Transport Sovereign Senegal - Rehabilitation of the Senoba – Ziguinchor -Mpack Road and Opening Up of the Southern Regions 67,517,653 Implementation 27 Jun 2018
46002-P-SN-KZ0-004 Senegal Multi-Sector Sovereign Senegal - Emergency Community Development Programme Support Project (PA-PUDC) 47,659,520 Implementation 27 Sep 2018
46002-P-SZ-HAA-001 Eswatini Finance Non-Sovereign Swaziland - Swaziland Development Finance Corporation (FINCORP) -Second LoC is under the Africa SME Program 9,109,776 Implementation 12 May 2017
46002-P-NA-KA0-002 Namibia Multi-Sector Sovereign Namibia - Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Programme - Phase II (EGCSP II) 118,823,175 Completion 18 Jul 2018
46002-P-GA-K00-007 Gabon Multi-Sector Sovereign Gabon - Economic Diversification Support Project (PADEG) 49,939,029 Implementation 29 Jun 2018
46002-P-CV-KA0-008 Cape Verde Multi-Sector Sovereign Cabo Verde - Private Sector Competitiveness and Local Economic Development Programme (PSC-LED) PHASE I 16,182,800 Completion 18 Jul 2018
46002-P-MR-BAA-006 Mauritania Industry, Minning & Quarrying Non Sovereign Mauritania - National Industrial and Mining Company (SNIM) 36,592,505 Implementation 22 Nov 2017
46002-P-UG-FAB-008 Uganda Power Non Sovereign Uganda - Bujagali Energy Limited 2 47,085,003 Implementation 17 Nov 2017
46002-P-NG-BG0-002 Nigeria Industry, Minning & Quarrying Non Sovereign Nigeria - Indorama Fertilizer Project II 58,849,925 Implementation 16 May 2018
46002-P-MA-AA0-003 Morocco Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Morocco - Inclusive and Sustainable Development Support Program for Agricultural Sectors (PADIDFA) 160,551,011 Completion 15 May 2018
46002-P-SL-HAB-002 Sierra Leone Finance Non Sovereign Sierra Leone - Union Trust Bank Limited (Africa SME Program) 2,184,550 Implementation 26 Sep 2017
46002-P-Z1-DB0-181 Multinational Transport Sovereign Multinational - Lake Chad Basin Regional Road Network Integration Project - Construction of a Bridge over the Logone between Yagoua (Cameroon) and Bongor (Chad) 36,147,798 Implementation 11 Dec 2017
46002-P-TN-HAB-005 Tunisia Finance Non Sovereign Tunisia - Hannibal Lease (Africa SME Program) 6,422,040 Implementation 14 Jul 2017
46002-P-Z1-AAG-012 Multinational Agriculture and Rural Development Non Sovereign Multinational - ETC Group Limited 73,185,011 Implementation 14 Jun 2017
46002-P-Z1-AAG-014 Multinational Agriculture and Rural Development Non Sovereign Multinational - ETC Group Limited T/A Export Trading Limited II 47,739,702 Implementation 14 Jun 2017