IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-GQ-IAD-001 Equatorial Guinea Social Sovereign Ecole nationale d'agriculture à Malabo 6,567,633 Completion 12 Nov 1981
46002-P-SO-AAC-003 Somalia Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Afgoi Mordille Irrigation Project II 3,640,162 Completion 28 Aug 1981
46002-P-SD-HAZ-001 Sudan Finance Sovereign L O C. to Agr. Bank O Soudan(ADF) 7,288,295 Completion 30 Oct 1981
46002-P-CM-EB0-002 Cameroon Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign projet d'assainissement de la vallée Gare de Yaoundé 6,646,411 Cancelled 30 Oct 1981
46002-P-RW-IBD-001 Rwanda Social Sovereign Projet de développement du Secteur de la Santé 7,043,007 Completion 28 Aug 1981
46002-P-CM-AB0-001 Cameroon Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Cameroon - Grassfield Decentralized and Participatory Rural Development Project 24,099,954 Completion 11 Dec 1980
46002-P-SD-AAB-002 Sudan Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Production of Selected Seeds 13,469,561 Completion 10 Sep 1981
46002-P-ML-DB0-002 Mali Transport Sovereign Mali - Projet de route Transsaharienne Sevare-Gao 11,052,623 Completion 10 Sep 1981
46002-P-SL-DB0-002 Sierra Leone Transport Sovereign Highway Maintenance 6,445,822 Completion 28 Aug 1981
46002-P-ZM-EBC-001 Zambia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Ndola Sewerage Disposal Works (ADF) 5,996,538 Completion 25 Jun 1981
46002-P-SL-AA0-003 Sierra Leone Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Northern Integ. Agr. Development 6,723,679 Completion 25 Jun 1981
46002-P-EG-FAD-002 Egypt Power Sovereign Rural Electrification (Phase II) 4,501,167 Completion 25 Jun 1981
46002-P-GW-AA0-001 Guinea-Bissau Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Projet de développement de la production animale 3,951,463 Completion 30 May 1979
46002-P-MR-IAF-001 Mauritania Social Sovereign Centre de Formation Profs de Ceg 5,181,432 Completion 30 Apr 1981
46002-P-GN-FA0-001 Guinea Power Sovereign Etude Eau - Electricite 1,265,231 Completion 18 Dec 1980