IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-CF-DB0-001 Central African Republic Transport Sovereign Entretien Routier 8,006,106 Completion 07 Sep 1982
46002-P-ET-AA0-005 Ethiopia Agriculture and Rural Development Non Sovereign Agric Line of Credit to Aidb (ADF) (P) 7,325,865 Completion 07 Sep 1982
46002-P-KM-AA0-002 Comoros Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Projet de développement Rural Intégré Nioumakele & Tsembehou 1,180,540 Cancelled 07 Sep 1982
46002-P-MG-AA0-004 Madagascar Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Programme d'aide d'urgence, volet agriculture et routier 10,748,675 Completion 07 Sep 1982
46002-P-BJ-AAD-001 Benin Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Plantat Bois Feu dans Le Sud-Benin 10,961,626 Completion 27 Aug 1982
46002-P-KE-IAF-001 Kenya Social Sovereign Secondary Teachers Training (P) 11,815,140 Completion 27 Aug 1982
46002-P-ML-AAZ-002 Mali Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Operation Puits (Phase II) 10,499,992 Completion 27 Aug 1982
46002-P-ML-IBD-002 Mali Social Sovereign Projet de renforcement des infrastructures sanitaires dans la région de Tombouctou 8,371,732 Completion 27 Aug 1982
46002-P-ZM-AA0-010 Zambia Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Luapula Province Farming Study 330,616 Completion 27 Aug 1982
46002-P-ZM-IAC-001 Zambia Social Sovereign Junior Secondary Schools (ADF) 5,804,983 Completion 27 Aug 1982
46002-P-CF-AAG-001 Central African Republic Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Palmier à Huile Bossongo (Phase II) 8,342,190 Completion 24 Aug 1982
46002-P-CM-A00-003 Cameroon Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Développement Intégré en Haute Sanaga (SODECAO) 17,247,339 Completion 24 Aug 1982
46002-P-TZ-FA0-001 Tanzania, United Republic of Power Sovereign Tanzania - Rural electrification Newala - Masasi project 11,772,304 Completion 24 Jun 1982
46002-P-EG-IBE-003 Egypt Social Sovereign Egypt - Bilharzia Control Project II 7,363,026 Completion 10 Jun 1982
46002-P-ZW-EA0-002 Zimbabwe Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Rural Water Supply 10,929,748 Completion 08 Jun 1982