IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-SD-DB0-001 Sudan Transport Sovereign Eight Bridges On Gedared Kassala Road 3,684,207 Completion 10 May 1974
46002-P-MR-EAC-001 Mauritania Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Projet d'adduction d'eau et assainissement de Nouakchott 4,061,993 Completion 10 May 1974
46002-P-RW-AA0-002 Rwanda Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Projet de développement de Ramba-Gaseke I 5,986,837 Completion 10 May 1974
46002-P-TD-EBC-001 Chad Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Irrig. Plaine Sategui Deressia (I,II) 7,368,414 Completion 22 Mar 1974
46002-P-ML-AAZ-001 Mali Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Operation Puits (Phase 1) 4,605,259 Completion 16 Jan 1974
46002-P-BJ-AAC-001 Benin Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign The Oueme valley irrigated agricultural development project 3,390,369 Completion 19 Oct 1972