IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-CD-KF0-009 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Multi-Sector Sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo - Domestic Resource Mobilization and Public Finance Modernization Support Project (PAMRIM-FP) 15,000,000 Implementation 10 Jan 2018
46002-P-MW-KF0-005 Malawi Multi-Sector Sovereign Malawi - Promoting Investment and Competitiveness in Tourism Sector Project (PICTS) 7,000,000 Implementation 11 Jan 2018
46002-P-MZ-I00-002 Mozambique Social Sovereign Mozambique - Unilúrio - Support to Skills Development for Agriculture and Industry Project 10,000,000 Implementation 16 Jan 2018
46002-P-MZ-AA0-033 Mozambique Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Mozambique - Drought Recovery and Agriculture Resilience Project (DRARP) 10,000,000 Implementation 18 Jan 2018
46002-P-GM-A00-005 Gambia Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Gambia - Project Preparative Facility (PPF) for Formulation of Agriculture Transformation Program 934,763 Implementation 24 Mar 2017
46002-P-MG-FA0-016 Madagascar Power Sovereign Madagascar - Etude de faisabilité du projet de renforcement et d'interconnexion des réseaux de transport d'énergie électrique 1,000,000 Implementation 21 Nov 2017
46002-P-MG-AA0-039 Madagascar Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Madagascar - Program for Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Agro-industry (PEJAA) – Project 1 5,000,000 Implementation 11 Jan 2018
46002-P-MR-HZ0-004 Mauritania Finance Sovereign Mauritania - Financial Infrastructure Modernization Support Project (PAMIF) 3,600,000 Implementation 15 Dec 2017
46002-P-MR-K00-017 Mauritania Multi-Sector Sovereign Mauritania - Economic Reforms and Diversification Support Programme - Phase II (PAREDE II) 4,000,000 Completion 15 Dec 2017
46002-P-CF-K00-007 Central African Republic Multi-Sector Sovereign Central African Republic - Economic And Financial Reforms Support Programme (PAREF), Phase II 7,000,000 Completion 29 Jan 2018
46002-P-Z1-A00-016 Multinational Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Multinational - Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation - Framework Program in Support of “Feed Africa” Paper 29,000,000 Implementation 28 Nov 2017
46002-P-LS-KF0-003 Lesotho Multi-Sector Sovereign Lesotho - Tax Modernisation Project (LTMP) 5,000,000 Implementation 22 Nov 2017
46002-P-Z1-GB0-030 Multinational Communications Sovereign Multinational - Lake Victoria Maritime Communications and Transport Project 10,210,000 Implementation 24 Oct 2016
46002-P-Z1-DB0-107 Multinational Transport Sovereign Multinational - Kapchorwa-Suam-Kitale and Eldoret Bypass Roads Project 69,172,426 Implementation 29 Mar 2017
46002-P-CF-GB0-002 Central African Republic Communications Sovereign Central African Republic - Central Africa Fibre-Optic Backbone Project (CAB) – CAR Component 13,216,000 Implementation 15 Dec 2017