IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-BF-AAG-001 Burkina Faso Agriculture and Rural Development Non Sovereign Burkina Faso - Support to the shea butter value chain 718,345 Completion 12 Jul 2016
46002-P-MA-EAZ-005 Morocco Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Maroc - Projet de sous-traitance avec risque commercial de la gestion des réseaux AEP en milieu rural 968,264 Implementation 22 Oct 2015
46002-P-Z1-HB0-056 Multinational Finance Sovereign Multinational- COMESA Microfinance regulation and supervision action plan development 215,705 Completion 16 Feb 2016
46002-P-ZW-AAG-001 Zimbabwe Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Zimbabwe - Support to the beef and leather value chain technical assistance project 1,447,550 Implementation 11 Jun 2015
46002-P-CI-H00-002 Cote d'Ivoire Finance Sovereign Côte d'Ivoire - Projet d'incubateur pour jeunes entrepreneurs (PRODIJE) 682,604 Completion 16 Dec 2014
46002-P-LR-HB0-001 Liberia Finance Sovereign Liberia- Technical Assistance to support AccessBank on financial inclusion 327,432 Completion 26 Jan 2015
46002-P-ET-HB0-002 Ethiopia Finance Sovereign Ethiopia - Capacity building for financial inclusion in Ethiopia (M-BIRR Mobile Money) 226,919 Completion 26 Jan 2015
46002-P-TG-I00-006 Togo Social Sovereign Togo - Kara and Lomé Markets Reconstruction and Traders Support Project (PARMCO) 580,949 Completion 26 Jan 2015
46002-P-MZ-EAZ-002 Mozambique Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Mozambique - Feasibility Studies for Building Climate Resilience of Limpopo Basin in Mozambique 3,455,947 Completion 03 Oct 2014
46002-P-Z1-K00-062 Multinational Multi-Sector Sovereign Multinational - Project to promote intra-african investment, institutional and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) capacity building 263,369 Completion 18 Nov 2014
46002-P-SC-KB0-001 Seychelles Multi-Sector Sovereign Seychelles - Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) development project 722,945 Completion 03 Jun 2014
46002-P-GH-KB0-003 Ghana Multi-Sector Non Sovereign Ghana MSMe Business Linkage Program 723,154 Implementation 27 Apr 2014
46002-P-Z1-HB0-038 Multinational Finance Sovereign Microfinance policy and training 172,555 Completion 03 Oct 2014
46002-P-Z1-AA0-112 Multinational Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Multinational - Support to Seed companies - AGRA's program for Africa's seed systems-FAPA Grant 719,015 Completion 19 May 2014
46002-P-TN-HAA-038 Tunisia Finance Non Sovereign Tunisia - BFPME: Boosting Private Sector Development Through Small and Medium Enterprise Creation and Expansion 578,523 Implementation 05 Aug 2013