IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-GW-A00-003 Guinea-Bissau Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Guinea Bissau - Rice Value Chain Development Project in the Bafata and Oio Regions 8,430,000 Implementation 23 Jan 2017
46002-P-SL-F00-007 Sierra Leone Power Sovereign Sierra Leone - Rehabilitation and Extension of Bo-Kenema Distribution System Project 35,009,000 Implementation 16 Dec 2016
46002-P-SO-E00-002 Somalia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Somalia - Improving Access to Water and Sanitation Services in Somalia 7,589,000 Completion 16 Dec 2016
46002-P-Z1-DB0-136 Multinational Transport Sovereign Multinational - Lomé-Cotonou Road Rehabilitation (Phase 2) and Coastal Protection (Benin-Togo) Project 28,310,000 Implementation 16 Dec 2016
46002-P-ZW-FA0-004 Zimbabwe Power Sovereign Zimbabwe - Alaska – Karoi Power Transmission Reinforcement Project 13,540,000 Implementation 16 Dec 2016
46002-P-ML-KA0-004 Mali Multi-Sector Sovereign Mali - Economic Governance Reform Support Programme - Phase II 23,150,600 Completion 14 Dec 2016
46002-P-LR-F00-004 Liberia Power Sovereign Liberia - Liberia Energy Efficiency and Access Project (LEEAP) 20,680,000 Implementation 12 Dec 2016
46002-P-CD-FA0-011 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Power Sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo - Power Sector Improvement and Governance Support Project 96,100,000 Implementation 07 Dec 2016
46002-P-SO-IZ0-007 Somalia Social Sovereign Somalia - Financing of the Strengthening Institutions for Public Works Project 5,500,000 Completion 05 Dec 2016
46002-P-ML-IAZ-001 Mali Social Sovereign Mali - Socio-Economic Reintegration Support Project for the Population of Northern Mali 10,000,000 Implementation 30 Nov 2016
46002-P-SD-AAZ-006 Sudan Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Sudan - ENABLE Youth Program 20,950,000 Implementation 28 Nov 2016
46002-P-MG-CZ0-002 Madagascar Environment Sovereign Madagascar - Effectiveness Improvement for Disaster Risk Reduction Project 951,100 Completion 23 Nov 2016
46002-P-TD-IAG-001 Chad Social Sovereign Chad - Preparatory studies for the project to promote girls' training and women's literacy 1,000,000 Completion 04 Nov 2016
46002-P-SO-KF0-010 Somalia Multi-Sector Sovereign Somalia - National statistical capacity building project 1,200,000 Completion 13 Oct 2016
46002-P-MG-AA0-040 Madagascar Agriculture and Rural Development Sovereign Madagascar - Projet d'étude de faisabilité du programme de transformation de l'agriculture malgache 1,000,000 Completion 19 Sep 2016