Rural Water Supply & Sanitation

U.A 131,433,266

Total number of Projects from 1967
IATI identifier Country Sector Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Title Commitment in UA Status Approval Date
46002-P-CF-IE0-004 Central African Republic Social Sovereign Central African Republic - Support Programme for Reconstruction of Grassroots Communities - Phase 1 15,015,465 Implementation 24 Jun 2015
46002-P-ZM-E00-028 Zambia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Zambia - Transforming Rural Livelihoods in Western Zambia - NRWSSP Phase II 13,704,186 Implementation 10 Sep 2014
46002-P-ET-E00-007 Ethiopia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Ethiopia - Support to the One Water, Sanitation and Hygiene National Program (OWNP) 66,176,637 Implementation 08 Sep 2014
46002-P-MW-E00-006 Malawi Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Malawi - Sustainable Rural Water and Sanitation Infrastructure for Improved Health and Livelihoods Project 22,822,831 Implementation 30 Apr 2014
46002-P-SN-E00-007 Senegal Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Senegal - Water and Sanitation Sector Project 24,855,743 Implementation 23 Apr 2014
46002-P-LS-E00-002 Lesotho Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Lesotho - Lowlands Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project 7,944,499 Implementation 03 Oct 2013
46002-P-GN-EAZ-001 Guinea Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Guinea - Study on Institutional Support for the National Water Point Management Service 380,251 Completion 22 Jan 2014
46002-P-CD-E00-002 Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Democratic Republic of Congo - Project for the Reinforcement of Socio-Economic Infrastructure in the Central Region 101,175,575 Implementation 27 Nov 2013
46002-P-ST-EAZ-001 Sao Tome and Principe Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Sao Tome and Principe - Study for the Preparation of the National Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme by 2030 699,463 Completion 03 Jul 2013
46002-P-SL-E00-003 Sierra Leone Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Sierra Leone - Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project 22,335,063 Implementation 18 Sep 2013
46002-P-DJ-EAZ-002 Djibouti Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Djibouti - Study for the Preparation of the National Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme by 2030 392,052 Completion 04 Feb 2013
46002-P-DJ-E00-003 Djibouti Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Djibouti - Water Supply and Sanitation in: i) The Rural Areas of Tadjoura, Arta and Ali Sabieh Districts; ii) The District Centres of Tadjoura and Ali Sabieh Project 5,919,569 Implementation 27 Nov 2012
46002-P-MR-EAZ-007 Mauritania Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Mauritania - National Integrated Rural Water Sector Project (PNISER) 8,035,690 Implementation 07 Dec 2012
46002-P-LR-E00-004 Liberia Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Liberia - Rural Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (RWASH) Programme Development Study 540,580 Completion 19 Oct 2012
46002-P-CF-E00-005 Central African Republic Water Supply & Sanitation Sovereign Central African Republic - First Sector Sub-Programme for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation in Bangui and Four Prefectures 9,762,411 Implementation 24 Oct 2012